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Minimum Bid Protect

Have you ever had eBay reject your snipe because your Max Bid was below the Minimum Bid, but higher than the current bid?  This feature was introduced to prevent this and is recommended for ALL snipes.

How it works

When we place your snipe, if eBay reports your Max Bid is below the Minimum Bid (current bid + bid increment), AuctionBlitz will attempt to place a second snipe equal to the Minimum Bid if the Minimum Bid is less than or equal to your Max Bid plus a bid increment.

Important: By enabling Minimum Bid Protect on any snipe, you understand that your winning bid will be more than your Max Bid and are responsible for all additional fees.


The auction's current high bid is 1.00.  AuctionBlitz user has a snipe with a Max Bid of 1.20 and Minimum Bid Protect ON:

Snipe Outcome
1. A snipe is placed for 1.20 eBay returns an error: "Your Max Bid is below the minimum bid of 1.25."
2. Since the minimum bid is less than or equal to the Max Bid + bid increment (1.20 + 0.25), a second snipe is placed for the Minimum bid of 1.25 YOU WON!


Enable on a snipe

  1. Login to your account.
  2. Add a new or Edit an existing snipe.
  3. Enter a Max Bid.
  4. Click the Minimum Bid Protect box to the right of the Max Bid until it says "Minimum Bid Protect: On" and turns green.
  5. Click on the Save button.


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